Behind the scene: preparing exciting climate change digital scenarios for teachers

As part of Intellectual output 3, the ClimaTEPD partners are in train to design 25 amazing digital scenarios for introducing Climate change topics in Teacher training education. Combining Inquiry-based learning (IBL) approaches, gamification methods and digital solutions, these learning scenarios have to put teachers in the position to explore, investigate and challenge different climate change topics and claims.

The initial ideas for climate change digital scenarios cover exciting interdisciplinary fields of exploration such as daily food and mobility practices, working with science facts, energy and renewables, clean water, air and waste, disasters dynamics such as earthquakes, tsunamis and fires and climate policy issues. The tools vary from big data analytics and working with space research data, to specific online metering tools and footprint calculators, to drawing, designing and 3D modelling or organizing policy debates. Working together, teachers will have to explore and adapt these scenarios to their own classes, thinking how to engage students in game-based, project-based and collaborative learning. Experiencing learning-by-doing approaches, teachers will become proficient mentors and guides for their students when bringing them into these exciting learning adventures.

Stay tuned and vote for the most exciting Climate Change digital scenarios! Soon, an online voting will be organized to outline the best two digital scenarios per country. They will be put in the online platform and translated on partners’ language and in English. This way climate change topics in teacher training education can spread around European schools, proving teachers with tools and methods to organize it in a practical, science-based and gamified manner!


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